What Everyone Needs to Know About VPNs

VPN Safety

VirtualShield’s virtual private network or VPN is among the best in the world.  And as its main product, the company wishes to help everyone stay safe and secure while on the internet. However, VirtualShield also realizes that not too many people are familiar with VPNs, which is why it offers a series of blogs that will educate people on just how helpful VPNs can be.

For starters, a VPN is a network that allows people to safely and securely connect to another network over the internet. This has several applications that include accessing geo-blocked websites and hiding browsing activities from monitoring entities or people, especially when connected via public Wi-Fi networks. 

Back in the day, VPNs were meant to provide a safe connection between business networks.  However, it has developed and evolved to become one of the main safety features that people can utilize on the internet, explains VirtualShield. In fact, most operating systems now have VPN support in them. 

VirtualShield notes that as its most basic function, a VPN connects laptops, PCs, smartphones, or other devices to a server on the internet and allows the user to browse the internet using the server’s internet connection.  This means that if the server the VPN has connected the device to is in another country, the user of the device can gain access to sites that only users in the said country can access.

VPNs have been used to get past regional restrictions on many websites and streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu to protect users from being exposed to public Wi-Fi networks and maintain their privacy by hiding their actual location, among other things.  VirtualShield explains that people can also use VPNs to access their workplace or even home computers when traveling, especially if they need to do business transactions or access files in their home network.

Another important function of VPNs is that they protect people who are downloading data off the internet. VPN keeps any monitoring person or entity from picking up information about users, information that can be used against these users in various ways later.

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