Virtual Shield Services

VPN Safety

VPNs keep users safe online, encrypting what they do or where they go on the internet so no person, organization, or entity can track their activities.  Because of VPNs, emails, communication, data, chats, and other sensitive information sent in the digital world stays safe. VPNs also unblock restricted websites that have, for one reason or another, been blocked. 

Leading virtual private network (VPN) provider VirtualShield has made a name for itself in the IT industry for developing one of the best VPNs the world has seen to date. VirtualShield’s main product is, without a doubt, one of the fastest and user-friendly VPNs in the market. Coupled with a number of VPN plans for both families and businesses, it’s no wonder why VirtualShield VPN is in high demand. 

In addition to its highly coveted product, VirtualShield has developed several other services and apps that greatly complement its VPN and provide even greater security for users online.

VirtualShield offers excellent webcam privacy protection for people who put a primer of their personal life or those who are simply worried that hackers are invading their privacy.  By blocking webcams and microphones from outside parties, no one can see or listen to a client’s conversation unless the client permits it.

What happens is that through real-time time monitoring, VirtualShield’s webcam blocker automatically scans computers periodically in the background to ensure users are not at risk of being hacked or spied on.

Another service that VirtualShield provides is the clearing of browser data to protect users from the prying eyes of hackers or other groups that want to invade people’s privacy for their own gain.  Through this service, VirtualShield scans and deletes any information on a user’s browser, leaving no trace of where they have been on the internet.

On top of all that is another VirtualShield service called Webcam Privacy Plus. This service has features such as securing shredding of files and deletion of trash can files, registry cleanup, and more.

What about you?  What additional services of VirtualShield would you be willing to try out?  What service is the most useful for you or your business?  Are there any other services that you think VirtualShield should add to its product lineup?