Top Reasons for Getting a VPN

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Top Reasons for Getting a VPN

It is not lost on VirtualShield, a leading virtual private network (VPN) provider, that during these pandemic-stricken times, there has been a mass exodus of countless employees from their offices to their homes. Today, working from home is no longer an option but rather a requirement. 

And with the growing demand for a secure internet connection, VirtualShield notes that even without a lock-down, and even after the health crisis the world is facing, a VPN will come in especially handy.

Here are the top reasons people should consider getting a VPN.

Safer public Wi-Fi usage: Cyber security experts cannot emphasize how dangerous public Wi-Fi networks can be. It will not take much effort on the part of an experienced hacker to work their way into a user’s account if the user is unaware. A VPN adds another layer of security, ushering the user away from the public ISP, and encrypting all communications. Even a hacker manages to detect the presence of the user, they will be discouraged by all the security measures provided by the VPN that they need to get through.

Benefits during travel:  The fact is that different places on the planet have varying degrees of accessibility to the internet. For example, in China, Facebook is blocked.  Some countries, meanwhile, do not have the same Netflix content, while other nations do not have Netflix at all.  A VPN solves all these issues by bypassing geographical restrictions.  Essentially, the VPN leads the user’s ISP to think the user is in a country where the site can be accessed.

More security for working remotely: As previously mentioned, a VPN can provide people who work from home with all the security they need.  Employees can be confident that they can go back and forth from the company’s server and the internet through a secure tunnel without the fear of being hacked or tracked.

Guaranteed privacy: VirtualShield points out that one of the biggest appeals of acquiring a VPN is the unbridled privacy it brings. VPNs are known to erase one’s browsing history and cover any tracks left by a user who has visited sites they do not want to be divulged.  A VPN keeps a person’s ISP from invading a user’s privacy.

What is the most attractive reason for you to get a VPN?  Share your thoughts with VirtualShield in the comments section below.