The Significant Connection Between VPNs and the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Significant Connection Between VPNs and the COVID-19 Pandemic

The world today finds itself in the grip of a global health crisis, the likes of which it has not seen in perhaps in decades.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s lives have changed. Scores of populations have found themselves struggling at every aspect of life. What’s worse is that the number of infected cases worldwide is climbing.

Due to the continued rise of cases and the absence of a vaccine or even a consistently reliable treatment method, communities all across the globe can only expect quarantine and lock-down protocols to be enforced for an extended period. People can also expect that companies will be preparing longer work-from-home setups for their employees.  Leading VPN provider VirtualShield has recognized this trend and urges people to look into the possibility of acquiring the services of a VPN.

A recent study showed that a little under a fourth of businesses had not updated their security policy for remote work in more than 12 months. Almost half of these companies have IT departments that have not initiated the security policy plan.

To successfully set up a sustainable work-from-home culture, companies need to know important details, including the maximum number of employees who will be working remotely, the amount of additional bandwidth required, the time needed to get the additional bandwidth, other licenses, and resources needed to support everyone working from home, plus the cost of everything, including the security plans.

As for security plans, VirtualShield recommends that businesses identify what they need from a VPN provider and if the said provider can handle the shifting amount of data traffic.

With today’s global health crisis changing the way businesses operate, VPNs are needed to secure remote access to both company servers and the internet. A VPN can provide a connection that is securely encrypted from the network to the internet. It is an effective layer of safety that guards sensitive data. 

VirtualShield VPN is one of the fastest in the world and one of the easiest to use.  The company’s plan for business enterprises includes world-class VPN services for as many devices required by the company. VirtualShield also has additional services that can be found on its website.

VPN is a vital tool to have given the state of the world today as it allows users access to important network resources and where working remotely is more than required.