A Look at How VirtualShield VPN Fits Everyone

VPN Safety

A Look at How VirtualShield VPN Fits Everyone

VirtualShield is a leader in the virtual private network or VPN industry. Its services are top-notch and indispensable, especially with the situation the world finds itself in these days.

One common misconception about VPNs is that it is best suited in a business setting.  While there is a half-truth to this, VPNs are very beneficial for just about everyone.  Here are a few ways how.

VirtualShield Plans

VirtualShield plans provide extensive and high-quality VPN service for individuals, families, and businesses.  For families, VirtualShield VPN can cover up to 15 devices in a single household.  For the business plan, coverage extends to as many employees as needed.  As soon as the plan is activated, registered devices are automatically connected under VPN protection, securing emails, passwords, conversations, online banking, and more.

VPN Main Capabilities

Knowing what a VPN can do can paint a clearer picture of just how useful it can be for everyone. 

The primary function of a VPN is to allow users to browse the internet anonymously.  This not only makes for a safer online experience, but it also serves people who value their privacy well.  A VPN blocks ISPs, hackers, cybercriminals, or anyone else looking to peruse a person’s sensitive data.  Through this, a user’s internet traffic is sent through encrypted servers around the world.

VPN for People Who Work From Home

Ever since a huge portion of the world has been put under quarantine and subjected to lockdown protocols because of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of office workers have moved their work to their homes.  Having employees work from home has presented several problems, one of which is guaranteeing secure connections between home PCs, laptops, and devices to the internet and the company server. 

A VPN plan such as the one VirtualShield offers provides the all-important cybersecurity layers needed by a company whose workers work from home.

For People Who Travel

To describe a VPN as ‘handy’ for people on a trip is a massive understatement.  There are two main benefits travelers can reap from a VPN.

First, if a person visits a country where sites like Facebook are blocked, a VPN can bypass such restrictions.  Furthermore, VPNs can take away a lot of restrictions and censorships from geo-blocked sites.

Second, a VPN such as VirtualShield’s assures people who access public Wi-Fi networks that their online activities are secured.  Public Wi-Fi networks are incredibly unsafe, which is why a VPN is more than needed.